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My name is Daniel Wheatley and I have been a Dj and karaoke host for over 18 years 10 years in the UK and 8 years in Spain. I started as a Dj for a youth club that I was a member of then I have done all my school discos then family and friends private party´s like birthdays weddings kids party´s. Then 8 years ago I moved to Spain to be near my family and I was offered a job at a sports bar doing a disco night 4 nights a week. I was there for 3 years then I started doing private party´s and Spanish karaoke night´s which I am still doing now. I also can work long side a live acts Have got over 49,904 English and Spanish karaoke songs and over 75,671 music tracks from the 40's up to this week charts I also have got Spanish karaoke and music and a 2000 watts or 4000 watts sound system and a disco lights show and stage lighting. Here is some of the things I can do Weddings Kid party's Birthdays Pool partys House partys Outdoors Events Fashion shows Working with live acts And much more


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