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Nigel Burchill aka Elvis
Nigel Burchill aka Elvis
Nigel Burchill aka Elvis



TEL: 605 180 894/654 843 011





If you love the king of rock and roll, look no further. Nigel Burchill is an Elvis Tribute artist with a passion for bringing music and history of the worlds greatest star to life, its pure entertainment, great nostalgia and 100% rock and roll!!

Nigel´s show tells the story of Elvis from his early years, his time in the army and the much loved films he made, an incredible amount of number one songs and of course the iconic costumes he wore. and you don´t have to remember the king to enjoy it- a real family show, this is entertainment for all ages, no need for heartbreak hotel, get ready to shake rattle and roll!

The performance lasts an entire evening, includes the music and much much more. from his rock and roll and gospel roots, to hit records, to the classic comeback, to the 70´s, Nigel spans the kings entire career. along the way he tells the story of Elvis, stories, snippets of information and facts and figures, all to build a picture of the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

But what really makes each show unique is the audience, Nigel doesn´t just stand and sing, his act isn't a one sided love affair, like the man himself, he interacts with the crowd, audience participation plays a big role in the experience. As Nigel says, " get on your blue suede shoes and get ready to jive, march, do the rock-a-hula, and act like a hound dog!

Nigel is based in Mazarron and performs for commercial businesses (i.e bars, restaurants and pubs), private parties, fiestas, pool parties and anything in between all up and down the coast. not for nothing isNigel billed as "the Costas favorite tribute act.

Nigel has even sang to the cast of Benidorm twice and has appeared in the elvis benidorm fiesta twice. 
Nigel even sang to the one and only Ricky Valance (tell laura i love her)

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